Founded in 2016 and based in Cape Town, Peak Design is a young and dynamic practice focused on architecture and design. Our work ranges from interior and furniture design through to residential, commercial and community based projects. With each new project we strive to develop an essential understanding of the site, climate, people and place. Through a combination of investigation, research, testing of ideas and collaboration with independent experts we strive to create innovative, functional and sustainable structures, strongly rooted in the context in which they sit.

“I do not believe architecture has to speak too much. It should remain silent and let Nature in the guise of sunlight and wind speak.”

– Tadao Ando, Japanese Architect

Architectural Work Stages

There are six different work stages 
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We develop your site plan, indicating contours from the land survey as well as boundaries, building lines and other statutory restrictions, as well as existing structure and other factors that may impact the design. We then provide a client brief, providing a complete schedule of accommodation with an estimated budget.

Concept & Viability

We provide a computer generated site plan, complete with elevations, sections and any other drawings as needed to best illustrate the basic scope of the project. We then review, providing an updated budget. We recommend an estimate from a quantity surveyor to facilitate this process.

Design & Development

You are provided with a computer drawn site plan with sections and elevations. The plans will be complete, with overall dimensions, floor levels, room names and floor finishes noted. We then consult with local and statutory authorities, before we review and update the budget, taking into account any estimate from the quantity surveyor, if appointed.

Local Authority Submission

Documents are prepared and submitted for any necessary statutory approvals.

Construction drawings & Tender Documentation

Preparation of documentation for the purposes of tender, and tender report.

Contract Administration & Inspections

Site meeting minutes are compiled, along with Payment Certificates, Completion list, Practical completion list and Defects list.

Close Out

This is the final stage of the process. Project close-out finalizes all project activities completed across all phases of the project to formally close the project and transfer the completed.

Fees Scale

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Client/Architect Agreement.


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